What is « Home Staging » all about?

Introduced in the United States more than 40 years ago, « Home Staging » refers to the preparation of a property before putting it for sale on the real estate market and to enhance its appearance with the aim of sell quickly and at the best possible price.

Simply put, when you buy a product in a store, you choose a package that is not damaged and it is the same for a buyer who visits a property. Home staging focuses on the necessary improvements to make the property attractive to the eyes of the majority of potential buyers by turning it into an attractive, welcoming and inviting product.

The concept is based on specific techniques to attract the buyer's attention on the strengths of the property; to trigger in him an immediate « wow » and make the potential buyer easily imagine living in this environment.

« Home Staging » is now largely adopted as the gold standard when putting up the single most important good we own for sale. Realtors and owners would no longer consider going to market without making sure « Home Staging » techniques have been used to maximize their return on investment.