Our Services


During a visit lasting approximately 2 hours, the specialist performs the visit, room by room, and prepares a detailed report of recommendations to make the property more attractive for potential buyers.

The report will give you all the necessary information to improve the appearance of your home in order to sell more effectively and more profitably.

"Reference" Package

Following the consultation, the client performs the specialist’s recommendations (repairs, painting and storage).

Thereafter, the specialist will be on site for a full day devoted to the staging itself. Creating the right atmosphere will maximize the impact to your potential buyers. It is now ready for THE day!

"A la carte" Package

This service is available to assist you in the preparation and the sale of your property or to perform certain tasks related to the implementation of the various recommendations contained in the consultation report.

"Final touch" Package

For both the owners and real estate agents, this service is tailored to prepare a property before shooting the pictures or before an open house in order to maximize the impact.

Personalized Shopping

If you lack the time, both as part of a staging or a relooking, we can take care of shopping activities to find the items needed to stage your residence.

Furniture and accessories rental

When performing the staging of your property, Reference Home Staging offers a furniture and decorative accessories rental service, choosing from an inventory suitable for all needs and all styles.

* Fees vary according to the size of the property.