The basic principles

  1. Uncluttering
    • A cluttered property does not do justice to its architecture and its area.
    • Removing certain elements can enhance the attractions of the property. Sometimes it is simply required to store or encase some things to get there.
    • You need to allow the potential buyer to visualize the available space.
  1. Depersonalization
    • It is important to remove personal items so as not to unnecessarily distract visitors.
    • The property must have a sober and neutral appearance.
    • It helps buyers imagine themselves living in the property.
  1. Updating the property
    • It is important to carry out minor repairs, to complete any unfinished work and eliminate the signs of aging before buyers’ visits.
    • Visitors must feel that the property has been well maintained.
  1. Cleanliness
    • Cleanliness is synonymous with a good general maintenance.
    • A clean house and without unpleasant odors suggests a sense of security.
    • A thorough cleaning is essential before receiving your first visitors.
  1. Laying out the furniture
    • It is important to maximize the use of space by creating separate areas, promoting circulation and harmonizing the layout of the furniture.
    • The buyer must see the real living area of your home.
  1. Creating ambiance
    • There is evidence that buyers crack for a property within 90 seconds.
    • It is important to take care of the aesthetics and to showcase a stylish and harmonious decor to create maximum impact.
  1. Accessorizing
    • Judicious use of accessories will be essential in creating the right ambiance.
    • It helps suggesting a way of life and to trigger the famous « wow factor » with the potential buyer.